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Tuition Reimbursement, Loan Forgiveness, and other Financial Assistance

Several SREB states offer tuition reimbursement programs to full-time teachers in public schools who hold a valid state certificate and who are enrolled in a course or program of study in a critical teacher shortage area. The goal is to improve the skills and knowledge of current teachers or those with a valid certificate who are preparing to teach.

Loan forgiveness programs for future teachers also serve as an incentive to encourage teachers to serve in critical shortage areas, such as secondary math or science, in public schools. Programs typically reimburse eligible student loan expenses (or equivalent cash benefits) to individuals who graduate from an accredited teacher education program, receive certification in a shortage area, and agree to teach in a public school for a specified number of years.

Links to SREB State and Related Resources

State Resource
AL Alabama Department of Education
AR Arkansas Department of Higher Education - Financial Aid
AR Arkansas Department of Higher Education - State Teacher Assistance Resource (STAR) Overview
AR Arkansas Department of Higher Education - Teacher Opportunity Program Overview
DE Delaware Higher Education Office
FL Florida Department of Education
FL Florida Department of Education - Office of Student Financial Assistance
GA Georgia Student Finance Commission/GAcollege411 Partners
KY Kentucky Department of Education
KY Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority
LA Louisiana Department of Education
LA Louisiana Student Financial Assistance Commission
MD Maryland Higher Education Commission
MS Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning
MS Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program
MS TeachMississippi
NC North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
OK Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (OCTP)
OK Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
SC South Carolina Commission on Higher Education - Teacher Education/Teacher Quality
SC South Carolina Student Loan
TN Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
TX College for Texans
TX Texas
TX Texas State Board of Educator Certification
VA Virginia State Board for Educator Certification
WV College Foundation of West Virginia (CFWV)
WV West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission


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