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Financial Aid
West Virginia University

West Virginia University
P.O. Box 6009
Morgantown, WV 26506-6009

Official telephone: (304) 293-2121
Toll-free telephone: (800) 344-WVU1
Fax number: (304) 293-8832


Screen last updated on: December 3, 2013

The admissions information below is valid for the 2013-14 academic year.

Admissions officer: Stephen Lee,
Executive Director of Admissions
Contacting the office: 304 293-2121
800 344-9881 (toll free)
304 293-8832 (fax)

Is there an application deadline for fall? yes
Priority filing date for fall: February 1
Final filing date for fall: August 1
Freshmen are accepted for terms other than fall: yes
Percent of freshmen who enter in terms other than fall: 4%
Application fee: $30, ($60 for out-of-state applicants)
Can the application fee be waived? yes
Are refunds available on the application fee? no
Is the Common Application form accepted? no
Supplemental forms required for those using Common Application: yes
Admissions requirements:
4 units of English (including grammar, composition, and literature)

4 units of college preparatory mathematics. Three units must be Algebra I and II and Plane Geometry. Students interested in majors that emphasize math and science are encouraged to take math beyond Algebra II (such as pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics).

3 units of social studies (including U.S. History)

3 units of science. All units must be laboratory science. Recommended units include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, and Environmental Science.

2 units of the same foreign language. American Sign Language is acceptable for this requirement.

1 unit of fine arts. Recommended units include Music, Band, Art, Theater, Dance, Drama, and Performance.

ACT/SAT and GPA Requirements
(meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission)

West Virginia residents must have at least a 2.0 grade-point average and either a composite ACT score of 19 or a combined Math and Critical Reading SAT score of 910.

Nonresidents must have at least a 2.5 grade-point average and either a composite ACT score of 21 or a combined Math and Critical Reading SAT score of 990.

Please note that WVU does not mix and match sub-scores from different test dates for admissions and scholarship consideration. Only the best composite score is used in determining eligibility.

WVU does not require students to take the optional written component of the ACT or SAT examinations.

Grade-point average (GPA) is based on information received from a student's high school transcript. The most recent cumulative GPA on the transcript is used when determining admission to the University. This is the same GPA used by the Undergraduate Scholarship Office when determining scholarship eligibility.

WVU reviews high school GPA based on a four-point grading scale. In most instances, WVU will consider weighted GPA when determining eligibility for admission and scholarships. WVU reserves the right to recalculate GPA when the weighted or non-weighted GPA falls outside of the four-point scale or in other instances where recalculation is deemed appropriate.

Higher requirements are necessary for some programs.
High school graduation is: required, GED is accepted
A general college preparatory program is: recommended
Campus visit is: recommended
Interview is: required of some
Off-campus interview: not available
Standardized test requirements: SAT or ACT required, SAT Subject Test not used
School's test preference: no preference
Aside from admissions, test scores are used for: placement
Dates test scores should be received: August 1 for SAT/ACT
High school units required or recommended:
Art: 1 required
English: 4 required
Foreign language: 2 required
Lab: 3 required
Math: 4 required
Science: 3 required
Social studies: 3 required
Total: 17 required
Special requirements for admission to specific programs:
  • Portfolio required of art program applicants.
  • Audition required of music program applicants.
  • Audition required of dance program applicants.
Special programs/policies for applicants not normally admissible: Limited admission occurs based on talent and special conditions for applicants not meeting standard requirements.
School has formalized early decision program: no
School has early action program: no
School has concurrent enrollment program for high school: yes

Academic criteria:
  • secondary school report very important
  • class rank considered
  • recommendations considered
  • standardized test scores very important
  • essay not considered
Nonacademic criteria:
  • interview not considered
  • extracurricular activities considered
  • particular talent/ability considered
  • character/personal qualities not considered
  • alumni/ae relationship not considered
  • geographical residence not considered
  • state residency important
  • religious affiliation/commitment not considered
  • minority affiliation not considered
  • volunteer work considered
  • work experience not considered
Admissions is need blind: yes
Average secondary school GPA: 3.43
Percent of freshmen who submitted GPA: 99%
Percent of freshmen who submitted class rank: 58%
Average SAT: 513 verbal, 532 math, 1049 combined
Combined SAT middle 50% range: 930 - 1140
Average ACT: 24 English, 22 math, 24 composite
Combined ACT middle 50% range: 21 - 26
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted SAT scores: 60%
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted ACT score: 58%

Notification of admission: on a rolling basis
Acceptance of admission: no set date

Number of completed applications received: 18,148
Number of applicants offered admission: 13,305 (73%)
Number of applicants offered admission who enrolled: 5,000 (38%)
School has a waiting list policy: no
Percent of freshmen who came from out of state: 48%
Tuition deposit amount: $150, refundable until May 1.; The tuition deposit is 150.00 for WV residents and $250.00 for non- residents.
Room deposit amount: $225, partially refundable until May 1
Admission may be deferred: yes, up to 12 months

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